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The Media Ant is India's leading Outdoor advertising agency. Covered by multiple media publications, we have been awarded for the most innovative outdoor campaigns. Contact us to ensure that you get the best rates, flawless execution and both start and end date campaign images. Our innovative tech-enabled measurement allows us to provide reach and retargeting at individual hoarding level. 

Media Ant has a wide variety of Outdoor Advertising options listed at the best rates. One can find the media option suitable to the requirements on The Media Ant website by using the filters like geography, size and media type and check the various details like rates, reference image and position.

You can also contact Media Ant by sending a mail to [email protected] and be assured of the best outdoor advertising rates and hassle free execution.

Why Opt For Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor Advertising is one of the most popular options among the brands for advertising in India. Last year, the Outdoor Advertising market grew by 6% in India and currently stands at INR 3085 Crore. This year, the ad spending in Outdoor Advertising is expected to increase by 15%. The amount of expenditure remains high from popular industries like retail, telecom, real estate and the government and political parties.

In recent years, a number of start-ups too have tried to cash in on the popularity of outdoor hoardings.

Hoarding Advertising Cost

The Media Ant is committed towards getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the hoarding advertising costs are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year. Hence, it is very important to check the updated hoarding advertising cost before booking your campaign.

To find the updated hoarding advertising cost, please click on the media card (Outdoor) on the page, visit the particular hoarding advertising option and look for the latest outdoor advertising rates 2024 under the heading “Top Choice /Other Ad Options”.

Outdoor Advertisement

Outdoor advertising is a marketing technique that uses billboards, signs on buses and public benches to promote products or services. Outdoor advertisement comprises about 65% of all outdoor marketing. Billboards are the most popular form of outdoor advertisement, comprising around 60% of this market segment. 

Outdoor advertisement also called as out of home advertising (ooh) has been a very effective communication and advertising tool. The outdoor ads are considered to be the most interactive form of media with viewers being able to touch, smell, feel or hear it.

Outdoor advertisement is one of the most effective ways to promote a business. This type of advertising has been around for decades and it continues to be very popular today. It is an inexpensive way to reach large audiences who are on the go or in transit, such as driving down a busy highway or walking through a shopping mall. Outdoor advertisements can include billboards, posters, bus-side ads, and other types of adverts that are outside of your home.

OOH Companies In India

OOH companies in India or ‘out of home’ companies are providers of various outdoor advertising spaces which can be hoarding, bus shelter, road median, pole kiosk, metro pillar advertising, etc., since this type of advertising is generally done outdoors it is referred to as ‘Out of Home advertising.’

From every small town to major metro cities, OOH companies in India can be found in plenty due to the simple fact that outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and most popular formats of advertising that gives brands a terrific reach at a reasonable cost. The OOH companies in India buy or rent land in order to erect billboards which are then further used to display ads for the advertisers who purchase/ rent them for a particular amount of time.

To get the services of these OOH companies in India. If you are looking to do outdoor advertising for your brand, researching about OOH companies in India can be a cumbersome task.To make your advertising process easier, The Media Ant has the best OOH advertising options available at great prices. Just visit our website to know in detail what all ooh advertising options await you.

Outdoor Advertising In India

One might think that Outdoor advertising in India is supposed to be for brands that are too big and not for small or medium businesses. The guess couldn't be more wrong. Outdoor advertising in India has become inexpensive and hence more popular in the last couple of years. Outdoor advertising in India used to consist of only static billboards but now a lot of them have been replaced with digital ones. 

This new, trending advertising option these days in the landscape of outdoor advertising in India is called digital out of home advertising. It is more attractive, more clearly visible and more impactful than the normal billboard advertising. For advertisers looking to find options for outdoor advertising in India, the first step is to find a good enough outdoor agency that can get your campaign up and running seamlessly. 

Outdoor advertising in India is another great way of advertising your brand because of the large amount of footfall given the country’s high population. An advertiser can show their ad to a large number of public with just one big, billboard in an area of high footfall and then reap the benefits. So it's mostly a very cost effective way of advertising.

Outdoor Hoarding Advertising

Outdoor, hoarding and billboards are some of the terms in outdoor advertising which are used synonymously. Outdoor hoarding advertising has been around since centuries and brands have leveraged its potential to run successful brand awareness campaigns.

Billboards and hoarding have a similar purpose when it comes to promotion. The size might differ a bit and so will the placement, but largely, billboards and hoarding are one and the same thing in outdoor advertising. 

Outdoor hoarding advertising is large in size, placed in a strategic way usually in an area of high footfall to attract the attention of the public. Outdoor hoarding advertising is meant to be large, impactful and with an objective of putting across your brand’s message to your potential customers in a manner that creates a lasting impression on their mind.A well executed outdoor campaign or outdoor hoarding advertising is eye-catching and is remembered by the potential customer which helps in brand recall in the long run. Brands should choose outdoor hoarding advertising because of its potential to provide high visibility to your brand.

It can be a bit pricey at times but they can pay off handsomely if done in a correct way and that's the reason why outdoor hoarding advertising has always been unmatched when it comes to making/ running an impactful brand awareness campaign.

Types of Outdoor Ads

Ads ads everywhere, no right place to advertise on? Advertisers have a million options when it comes to marketing their product/service to the public.

Brands generally foray into digital advertising, radio or tv advertising given the growing technological scenario of today’s time. Amidst these many options, one might think that outdoor ads have lost their charm. But it is not so, outdoor ads have always been one of the best ways for brands to get a strong visibility. Even today, outdoor ads are giving high competition to any other form of advertising whether it's digital or tv. The larger than life emotions attached with outdoor ads have helped them stay on top of the advertising business since its inception.

Yes, it does require a certain threshold of budget, but if your brand has it, then these outdoor ads know how to make a brand awareness campaign a successful one. Outdoor ads can be placed in a lot of places which make them so versatile and impactful. These outdoor ads make sure that your brand gets visibility and at the same time creates an impact in the mind of the people.

Do you know how many types of outdoor ads there are? Below are some of the places where you can advertise your outdoor ads.

  • Billboards
  • Newsstands and Kiosks
  • Bike and Scooter Shares
  • Bus Stop
  • Digital Billboard
  • Urban Panels
  • Phone Kiosks
  • City Information Pillars
  • Street Poles
  • Autos

Outdoor Advertising Rates 2024

Outdoor advertising rates are a crucial parameter for brands due to the simple fact that they are interested in running campaigns in cities or areas where there is ample population. Such areas will have rates higher than areas that are not so densely populated or are not that popular, The outdoor advertising rates in India also differ depending on the type of media that is being used.

In simple words, metro advertising rates differ from bus shelter advertising or auto advertising. So the factors that have an impact on the outdoor advertising rates in India are as follows- 

1. The location: 

Location has a heavy impact on the outdoor advertising rates in India. The cost varies not just by the city but also from one location to another inside the same city. Areas with high traffic enjoy a high cost as compared to areas with low traffic.

2. The type of Media being used: 

Outdoor advertising has a lot of options and is not just limited to hoardings or billboards.The cost of hoardings is hence different from bus shelter advertising, pillar advertising or metro advertising. The outdoor advertising rates in India, hence, differ from one small media option to another. 

3. Dimensions: 

The outdoor advertising rates in India also differ according to the size of the billboard. Large billboards cost more than medium and tiny billboards.

4. Visibility: 

Some hoardings are more visible than others. These hoardings have higher advertising rates than regular hoardings.

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is considered to be one of the most expensive media options but there are a number of advantages of opting for outdoor advertising:

  • Outdoor Advertising is effective for mass targeting
  • Hoarding Advertising is often associated with a premium brand image
  • Outdoor Advertising is one of the least intrusive medium of advertising
  • With help of intriguing creative, outdoor advertising can prove to be a welcome distraction to commuters

Outdoor Advertising Options

  1. A popular notion is that hoardings are the only option when it comes to outdoor advertising but there are a number of other interesting and cheaper options as well.

  2. Hoarding Advertising: Hoardings are the large boards placed at strategic positions facing huge traffic.

  3. Bus Shelter Advertising: Bus shelters are places where a large number of people gather waiting for buses.

  4. Road Median Advertising: Road Medians are small sized boards placed on the dividers between the roads. These are usually cheaper and can be used in large numbers to create repeated impact.

  5. Pole Kiosk Advertising: Pole kiosks are mounted on the poles between and beside the roads.

  6. Metro Pillar Advertising: With Metro railway covering many parts of the tier 1 cities, metro pillar advertising has emerged as a popular option for outdoor advertising.

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